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Web Development

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I’m super happy with how my web site works and looks.
{Rebecca Wood Barrett, Buzzworks Creative}

There’s nothing more exciting at Goodwin Studios than the launch of an amazing new website. And we have launched over 70 websites since our humble beginnings in 2002. However, our web design history starts in 1995 when we launched the first National Contract Bridge Org website in the world for the Canadian Bridge Federation. We still own and successfully maintain websites that are now 20 years old – ancient in ‘internet years’.

Nowadays, there are many options for not-for profits, small businesses and individuals needing a website. Hiring the services of an experienced web development company will take you to launch quickly, efficiently and successfully. As well, Goodwin Studios will continue to troubleshoot and help desk well into the years following your launch.

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The basic components involved in building a website comprise:

1. Design
2. Construction
3. Project Management
4. Launch

At Goodwin Studios we have the talent, skill and experience to satisfy any challenge accepted at our front door. Please explore our Prices & Rates page to get an idea of costs and contact us! We’d love to hear from you!


How long does it take?
How much time will it take to have your website designed, built and launched?